Psychological Assessments


Sometimes we need a road map to help understand ourselves better and to successfully navigate in our world.

A Psychological Assessment can offer valuable insight into what and why we think, feel and behave the way we do. It can also be the blueprint for how to navigate changes that we want to make. It can also confirm a diagnosis and add clarity to what treatment you might want to pursue.

A Psychoeducational Assessment for your child or teen may be the key to understanding how they learn best and uncover any obstacles to learning. Once these are identified, parents and teachers can teach them how to better navigate and become more successful learners.

Child & Adolescent Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessments

At McLean Noble Psychologists, we know that no two brains are the same. All of us have parts of our brains that work well and parts that can cause us to struggle — that’s the same for our kids. As parents, we want the best for them, which includes pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses to get them the help they deserve. Once we know what they are we can help them get the support they need.

A psychoeducational assessment is administered by a psychologist or psychological associate in a one-on-one environment with your child. This test is designed to provide a complete picture of your child’s academic skills and cognitive abilities. This allows you and your educational support team, such as teachers or tutors, to make decisions to help your child, empowering them to do their best both in school and life.

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Psychological Assessments

Psychodiagnostic Assessments

People can have difficulties at their work, school, or with their relationships. When there is an underlying undiagnosed problem, it can make resolving these difficulties harder. Having an accurate diagnosis can clarify what the issues are and inform the best way to help.

Psychodiagnostic assessments are a process of identifying and diagnosing problems with mood, coping and obstacles to success. They can provide valuable information about your personality structure, relationship styles, life themes and thinking style. They are excellent for providing information for your future treatment needs.

A psychodiagnostic assessment is conducted by a psychologist or psychological associate and it may include structured or semi-structured interviews, standardized tests and — if you consent – information from others such as family members, spouses or other health providers.

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Child & Adolescent Assessments

Gifted Assessments

Giftedness describes a category of students with talent to perform (or have the capability to perform) at higher levels compared to others of the same age, experience and environment in one or more areas.

A gifted student is an outside-the-box thinker, they’re very curious and interested in learning, they have advanced verbal skills and they’re creative. If this describes your child, you may want to have them tested to determine where they compare to their peer group.

While the criteria for gifted identification varies between school boards, most schools require that their cognitive score be higher than 98% of children the same age. All school boards require standardized testing before identifying any child as gifted.

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