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Dr. Cheryl Noble, C.Psych.


Dr Cheryl Noble, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cheryl Noble, C.Psych.


Phone: (905) 201-1859 ext 221

I am a clinical psychologist with 26 years of experience in psychological counselling and assessment. I’ve been in private practice since 1997, and while originally trained as a child and adolescent specialist in therapy and learning assessments, I’m also qualified to work with adults and families.

Problems in living are a part of the trouble with being human, particularly when relationships breakdown or hard times hit. I believe that the nature of pain draws on two things; a lack of meaning and the sense that one is alone with their challenges. Hence, the need for hope.

Hope is an essential tool people can use to cope with the trouble with being human and people need hope to fuel clarity and focus.

I believe that in order to do life, there are two things that are important. Firstly, you have to want to change and secondly, you need to become aware of your personal strengths and challenges. Both of these things are rooted in becoming centred on hope, and I am committed to helping you do that.

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